A web solution for Jasper, The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Shoe - A comfortable, stylish, and durable shoe made from recycled cork, bison fiber, merino wool, rice rubber, algae foam, and bamboo.



To build a user-friendly e-commerce website solely for the product and allow more users to buy the product with ease. Keep users interested in our site and products with cool graphics as well as a well designed site. For every 1 pair sold, United By Blue will remove 1 pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways.


User gets on instagram to see the shoe ad and clicks and gets directed to the product page where they learn about the product. If they buy they get introduced to our referral program:get a friend to buy one using your personal code and get the next pair at a dicounted price.

To improve the process of shopping for the shoes & minimize size/spec confusion.

1. Easier way to understand what the shoe is and its features.

2. Include all styles and colors for users to see.

3. Make shipping costs and information clear for potential buyers.

4. Promote different laces and make them easily viewable to users.

5. Make our users want to share our movement through social media and a referral program where they get to save on the next pair if their friends buy the product.


In collaboration with kianaema.com